Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I've found my way back :)

Wow! Well it's been a while since I've been here. I've been over on WordPress , but I have to admit I don't like it very much, especially with how limited you are in terms of customization with a free account. I don't want to put any money into a blog, to be honest. I'm not trying to sell anything or make money off of it through ads. I'm simply here to write and share my thoughts.

I'm a huge sucker for all these font options. I know it might seem utterly ridiculous, but I'm digging this font that looks like hand writing. It gives it more of a journal-like feel, no? So I'm torn about giving up my WordPress blog. There must be a way to import all my posts from it so that I don't lose anything. I'll have to figure it out later. But now it is late and I'd like to read more of Divergent :-)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


We're pretty much settled in now. We still have to hang pictures and Nate has some boxes of books sitting around, but it feels like home. I get Hannah out of the house everyday and go for walks, though that's been backfiring on me a little bit lately. My left foot has some inflammation going on. I've been seeing my chiropractor again and have seen her three times already since moving back. She's adjusted my foot a couple of times and it's apparent that something going on because she needs to adjust my whole leg. It always boggles my the body has this domino effect when a single muscle or joint goes out. Yesterday I wore insoles with arch support in my shoes and my arches were a little sore after, but the part of foot that's been bothering me felt a little better. I don't know what else to do other than follow my chiro's advice to ice it and stretch. It's too bad the timing sucks because I'm going back to work in less than two weeks.

So, yes, WORK! I'm going back very soon and I'm excited! I'm excited to apply myself to something other than my family and home. I love Hannah and Nate, but I have this awesome motivation to do well at my job. I know I have a very good work ethic, and my manager told me yesterday that they are all looking forward to me coming back because I'm consistent and reliable. That really made my day. He also said that there are many hours to be had, so if I want to work lots and we can make it work with Hannah then the hours are there for me. So work is all good news and I'm soooo looking forward to bringing more money home than what my mat leave has been paying out.

Also, Hannah's birthday is this weekend! Eeeeeek!! I can't believe my baby girl is a year old already. What the heck, time? What. The. Heck? I am terrible party planner, to boot. I haven't really planned anything per se. I made it potluck and know that Nate's mom is taking care of the cake aspect, so I pretty much just expect people to show up with some food we can all share, be wildly entertained by Hannah's silliness, and have a good time. I just hope the weather clears up and we have a nice sunny day. Of course, I'll have to go out and buy something to bring as well. I'm hoping someone has a hibachi BBQ they can provide so I can bring hotdog stuffs. It would nice to be able to serve something warm.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

we're home

Ta daaaaaaa!!!! We moved!! At least one should hope if it's been two weeks without any word. I find that I'm much busier now that we're in the city. It's not that our lives have become busier, but I just feel more motivated to go for walks now that I have places to actually go.

The move went well. Two of our friends came with our Uhaul truck from the city on the evening the 1st and the boys worked hard to pack up the truck completely. Hannah slept well through it so that worked out well, too. We got everything but our bed and the crib packed up, slept, then packed up the bed and crib and were off to the ferry around 8:45am on the 2nd. We had just enough time for breakfast at the restaurant in Fulford Harbour, then on the ferry to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island by 9:50am. We successfully caught the 11am ferry to the mainland, and made it our "new" place by 1pm. I wasn't sure we could do it all within 24 hours and get the truck back on time, but thanks to many helping hands and focused friends we had the truck unpacked and returned on time.

It took us about a week to get fully unpacked. A few boxes are still kicking around because they contain Nate's books and we've given the shelves we already have to Hannah for her toys. The TV is mounted on the wall, we just need to buy the floating shelf from IKEA that can fit the PS3 and stereo so that absolutely everything is out of Hannah's reach. We have more storage space this time, and it's not that this suite is bigger than the one we had before in this building. We've just managed to purge a lot of stuff between the two moves we've had.

In some ways I like this suite better. Before we were in 105, now we're in 204. The view is slightly better as we can see downriver, and slightly above the house beside us so we get a lot of sky in our window. The floors are in better shape, but there are a couple of major things that need to be fixed pronto, like one of the windows and the fridge door. The window glass is coming our of the pane. The metal frame on one side is off completely at the bottom and the metal piece that slides in the track sags when the window is open. We can still open and close it, though, but it looks like it's ready to fall out of the pane at any moment. The fridge door is broken. The shelves have no bars to keep food items in place,  but have duct tape instead. One shelf is badly cracked too. The duct tape looks so ghetto, and I could see two dudes not caring, but a family paying $1100 a month doesn't need to put up with a window nor a fridge like that.

The rent is a little hard to swallow. I think it's too high for us, but it's too late now. We'll have to make it work. If Nate can get the job he's after I don't think it will be problem, but right now it's tight. Hopefully my going back to work will make it a little easy too because I can easily make more than what my mat leave has been giving me. It just sucks because we were only paying $960 (I think) downstairs. I try to justify it with the location. We're paying a premium for location being in downtown New West, close to transit and all the new amenities that went in at New West Station, which is only a 10 minute walk away.

The few cons that we're dealing with aside, I'm so happy to be back. I'm excited to get back to work. I'm glad to have friends to hang out with again and a mother in law who's so smitten with Hannah and very much a part of our lives. I'm glad to be close to my dad again and closer to my mum.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

We are ever so slowly packing. Nate is tackling the loft space and cleaning up his stuff. He probably won't take his computer apart until the big day. I packed the bathroom yesterday. It was my big accomplishment of the day. I finally got rid of a some old products that have been collecting dust over the months because I always seem to think I "might" need it one day.

Anyway, I can't believe we're actually moving on Sunday! It's coming up so quickly I feel like my head is starting to spin...

Sunday, 26 May 2013

moving day approaching

T-minus one week until moving day. And have I packed a single box? Nope. I suppose I could start :P I've left it this long because I've felt like I had a need for everything up until the day, which is totally not true. I could pack linens for a start and separate what's ours and what needs to stay with the house. I do feel like most of it is in storage anyway, plus what the heck do I do with all the stuff that would be packed? There's no room for stacks of boxes or piles of bags full of towels and such. Bleeehhhh....

Anyway, packing aside I am beside myself with excitement. I'm excited about just being back in New West again. I absolutely love all the nature that's out here, but for the most part I don't like feeling so boxed in. I suppose that has more to do with the property itself and the fact that it needs some TLC and clearing. Perhaps I'd feel differently if I lived in a place that had a view. But at the end of the day, whatever I see out my window, there's nothing here. I'm so bored. And even if we stayed we'd have to find a bigger place because Hannah really needs her own room.

Yes! Hannah's own room! I'm really excited to be able to curl up in my bed beside some lamp light and read without worrying about disturbing the baby. I'm excited to come and go from my bedroom as I please and I'm especially looking forward to Nate and I spending some our "special couple's time" in our own bed and not just some foamy up in a loft space. So with Hannah getting her own room I've been looking at furniture. Sure, she's got a crib, and I'll be able to start using the rocking chair again, which will be great for those middle of the night wake ups, but otherwise she's got not a whole lot. She certainly doesn't have anywhere to store her toys. She's fine without a dresser. I'm quite happy to continue to use the hanging shelf in the closet, but she really needs something for her toys.

It's going to be cozy in there though. We don't have a dining set anymore so Nate will be setting up his computer in the dining area. We really need to find a way to baby proof the crap out of his desk because Hannah will be all over his computer and cables if we don't. But, having said that, moving to a new place seems like a good opportunity to figure out how to reorganize our things and baby proof accordingly.

So much to think about and look forward to. I'm stressing me out, but I am extremely excited. I'm looking forward to going back to work too :3

Monday, 8 April 2013

head fog

The past several days I have felt like I'm in a head fog. My head, including my eyes, and neck have just been...aching. I can't figure out if it's something I'm eating (or not eating) or if it's physiological. Considering how my neck muscles feel when I attempted to stretch them, I'm leaning towards physiological. I need to start seeing a chiropractor again and get a better pillow.

The other day I was thinking that if I were still in the city right now I'd be hitting up a couple of Bikram's Yoga classes, or trying out a couple of yoga styles that a friend of mine participates in. Either way, I'm in need of some TLC whether it comes in the form of someone else' skills or yoga. There is yoga on the island, and there are chiropractors, but I keep either putting it off or use Hannah as an excuse. It's easy enough for Nate to watch her for a couple of hours, but I feel bad for asking because previous conversations have made it perfectly clear that he's working and needs to get it done.

When it comes to chiro I'm not into the idea of starting a new chart when we're only going to be here for less than two months. I really liked my chiro in the city and would go back to her in a heart beat, so as it stands my plan is to wait until we get back and I'll go see her.

Sleep is another issue, which is no surprise considering I have a baby. She wakes me up at least three times a night, usually four, but sometimes I'll get lucky. Mornings are brutal for me because I simply do not want to get out of bed and I feel tired all day no matter what I do. I would do just about anything for a full night's sleep. The sad part is that even if I had the opportunity I'd probably still end up waking up on my own expecting be woken up by Hannah. Or if she were to spend the night away, like at her Nana's, I'd probably wake up missing her like crazy. I can't win :P

Saturday, 6 April 2013

saturday market

My market haul. Handmade fresh goat cheeses and homemade fruit vinegars. Thank you Murray for the chai tea :)  #saltspring #saltspringmarket #saturdaymarket
Left to right: Monsoon Coast chai tea set, Salt Spring Vinegar artisan fruit vinegars in Cranberry Apple, Blackberry, and Lemon Sorrel, Salt Spring Island Cheese soft absolutely fresh goat cheese and two varieties of soft ripened goat cheeses.
This is what I'm going to absolutely miss about Salt Spring Island when we move back to the city: the Saturday market. It runs from April to October every Saturday, rain or shine, and features Salt Spring Island's finest artisans and farmers. There you can find, toys, jewelery, soaps, cheeses, farm fresh vegetables, trinkets, clothing, tea and coffee, and accessories. When you shop this market you are guaranteed that everything will be locally made by a Salt Spring resident. It's also an opportunity to buy some things a little cheaper. The goat cheese, for example, is sold at the grocery store at $16, but I bought mine for $12 each at the market

This weekend I decided to buy the goat cheeses because I bought one of them last week and ate it in one sitting it was that good. I shared it with a friend so I didn't eat THAT much cheese, but it was so good I had to buy more. I decided to try a couple of other varieties as well. It's $30 worth of cheese, but it's supporting a local business and it's fresh cheese made from local goat's milk. They sell a hard cheese made of sheep's milk as well, which I'd like to try as well. Maybe next weekend ;)

I'm getting back into eating salads and I like simple dressings of oil and vinegar. I've only ever used balsamic vinegar and it gets boring after a while. Last weekend I spotted a woman selling different fruit vinegars so I decided to buy three small bottles of different flavors to see what I might like. If I find one that really impresses my palate then I can go for a bigger bottle. They were only $12 for three.

The chai tea set was a spur of the moment gift from my father in law. I had not checked out Monsoon Coast's table and didn't know they sold a chai tea until my FIL came up to me and asked me if I've tried their tea and told me it's very delicious. He brought me a sample and I was definitely impressed. He then asked me if I wanted some to bring home and brought back the set for me. I made some when I got home and it is fantastic! It's a two step tea where you first simmer the spices then steep the tea. Once the tea itself is done you strain it into some warm milk and enjoy. I added a little raw honey to sweeten it as well, but I tasted it without any sweetener and it was just as good.

Now I'm just enjoying some goat cheese as a pre-dinner snack. Mmmmmm.....